Tani Ghaffarsedeh - The Sun EP - Adjacent Possible

Tani Ghaffarsedeh • The Sun EP

Tani Ghaffarsedeh’s new EP “The Sun” is packed with narrative content told through pure sound art. It’s an amalgamation of her prior work blending visual art with sonic experimentation. The soundscapes here are carefully crafted, with each addition being critical to the overlying narrative.

Although the songs are mainly instrumental, they tell an age old story. It’s the genesis of our galaxy as it was formed eons ago, bit by fractal bit. The narrative is shown through a wide lens, with the whole Milky Way in view before slowly honing in on our solar system and the almighty sun at its center. Each song that comprises “The Sun” is accompanied by a visualization behind Tani’s dimensional tale. The series of videos, which were designed to be viewed in succession, document nature through space and time as it’s given new, rhythmic life by Tani’s orchestral electronica.

While some of her process is inspired by composers such as György Liget or producer and DJ Jon Hopkins, what’s really driving the artist is an endeavor to connect with her higher self. The overall impression of “The Sun” is celestial and a little chemical — which is fitting if you can imagine the universe being created with equal parts divinity and science. Having succeeded at capturing such a broad context within a brief EP, it’s hard to imagine what new soundscapes Tani will reveal to us next.