The Adjacent Possible proudly presents the “Shadow Future” Series. Each month, a selected DJ commands the reigns for 60 minutes, taking us through the undiluted, undisputed, and unexpected.

Shadow Future Mix #007


An experimental journey through time and space.

Shadow Future Mix #005


Solarmental (aka Gio Gugava) is techno producer from Tbilisi, Georgia. His music is dark, hypnotic, full of deep and mystic voices. Similar to research of sounds and rhythms, his sets are not only 4×4 techno, but also broken beats and raw experiments. Giving priority to cold, atmospheric and mental sounds.


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Shadow Future Mix #004


Not much is known about this mysterious figure.



Shadow Future Mix #003


Vinyl collector and sound escape designer, ‘interpreter’ is a polymath who redistributes seemingly unrelated information through music, math and language. Comedy, spoken word, rap and strange instrumentals layer his DJ sets with psychedelic flavors. Anything else would be irrelevant.


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Shadow Future Mix #002


Bosque (Forrest Neumann) brings people together through melodic healing sounds and diverse world rhythms. His transformational live-tronic experience fuses technology with ancient musical tradition. With a collection of sacred soundscapes from his international travels, Bosque takes you on a worldwide journey through time and space with the intention of restoring human connection to self, spirit and the earth.


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Shadow Future Mix #001

Adam All Around

Designer; DJ; Collector of the unassuming. Adam All Around has no boundaries. As a founding member of the Adjacent Possible, his motivation is rooted in the pursuit of discovery and connection. Drawing inspiration from the unexpected and underappreciated, he naturally bridges unlike worlds together.


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