Time: December 22, 2018 7:30 pm - 1:00 am
Organized By: Yoga Flow SF
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Join us in a ceremony as we gather as a conscious community with Intention, Song, and Dance to touch our inner-most depths & move through the darkness to awaken the Light on this auspicious night.

Amidst the fog of the concrete jungle, we turn on our inner flames to dance forth hope, earth-based connection, and wholesome healing for the world to feel the call home to.

With the help of soft Sacred Medicines such as Hapé (shamanic snuff) and Cacao (raw chocolate), we will transition from a Song Circle and open up to an all-night conscious movement flow held to invoke evolutionary in-sight & embodied freedom on behalf of the collective.

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We will start off the evening with an optional round of Hapé / Rapé; a traditional, non-psychoactive, indigenous Amazonian blend of various natural herbs (often including tobacco), that are blown up one’s nose to facilitate deep and immediate states of meditation, energetic cleansing, prayer, and grounding.

This will then be followed with the Meso-American medicine of Cacao (chocolate in it’s pure, unprocessed essence); long hailed as a super-food and highly valued sacred plant ally for its capacities to stimulate the soul and facilitate juicy heart-body connection.

(All medicine usage is consensual, legal, and optional)

While we are consuming these Mild Medicines- we will join together as a community in Sacred Song Circle for the first hour of the night. Feel free to bring a song or instruments!

We will have copies of lyrics for our favorite Medicine Songs to accompany us in opening up our hearts and channels to invoke communal healing and joy.



The Circle will transition into the open-movement portion of the night with a brief experiential ritual invoked to anchor our intentions for this solstice portal into our bodies, to let them guide the rest of our journey’s for the night.

Through a multi-dimensional flow of invocation, contemplation, and deep somatic listening, we will find our footing in the inner-landscape upon which we will dance our prayers into the new cycle of light ahead of us.


DANCE JOURNEY w/ DJ Bosque and DJ Audionai


Audionai and Bosque will be going back to back throughout the night, cultivating a steady flow for deep journeying and ecstatic embodiment to the soundtracks of global house- meant to guide listeners into communion with the earth and its various indigenous mystical traditions of sound, rhythm, movement medicine, and ceremony.

The diverse mix of sacred electronic music will be accompanied by live world instrumentation and vocals – offering an additional organic element throughout this immersion into our ancient future.

There will also be some brief guided movement / meditative portions – and a mostly open container to drop in and dive deep.


A closing live ambient / acoustic sound bath will follow the dance for integration including brief (optional) one-on-one treatments with tuning forks, healing touch, and energy clearings to relax the body into a peaceful, balanced state of love and light.


WHAT TO BRING (optional):
• A water battle
• Comfortable dance attire
• An empty stomach (suggested to not eat 4-6hr prior to drinking cacao for full effects)
• An offering or instrument

• a highly intoxicated energy
• Intense perfume oils/fragrances

Please refrain from talking during the dance – although toning and intuitive voice is encouraged!

if you would like to rest or do yoga, there will be a space provided with mats and cushions.

(Please remove your shoes before entering the dance temple!)



Bosque –

Bosque (Forrest Neumann) brings people together through melodic healing sounds and diverse world rhythms. His transformational live-tronic experience fuses technology with ancient musical tradition. With a collection of sacred soundscapes from his international travels, Bosque takes you on a worldwide journey through time and space with the intention of restoring human connection to self, spirit and the earth.

Audionai –

Audionai (Adionai) is a DJ, Musician, and Workshop Facilitator dancing through the heart of California’s rising transformational art culture. Rooted in a lifestyle that integrates music and movement as essential spiritual practices, Adionai makes his way through Ecstatic Dances and Festivals, incorporating personal hand-drumming as well live vocals into his sets. With a style that holds space for today’s global convergence with a gentle touch yet deep drive, authentic textures from different languages, continents, and traditions are summoned, weaving past and future together through slow and steady electronic beats that call listeners back into their bodies to become moved by something deeper. With a mission to ground the collective soul, Adionai sees the dancing container as a ceremonial space through which transformation by authentic feeling and presence guide the way into the embodied lifestyle that unifies all beings into their fullest expression on this dance-floor called Earth.

Suzanne Aster –

Suzanne Astar is a Movement Guide, utilizing Massage Therapy, Pilates and Continuum to come a bridge between the perceived constraints we place on our bodies and the limitless expansion and diversity possible when the body leads itself through space. She provides a pathway from therapeutics and fitness to multidimensional re-connectivity with nature, awareness, and faith in the unshakeable resilience of the human form.