Time: March 30, 2019 04:00pm - 12:00am
Organized By: New Paradigm Party
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Join us for a cacao-infused, fully immersive experience where we’ll explore the cutting edge of humanity’s social evolution through New Paradigm Partying. This will be our longest event yet, and the first time on a Saturday! We’re envisioning something closer to a one-day festival.

Through an afternoon of workshops with skilled Bay Area facilitators, and a free-flowing nighttime party, we will navigate how conscious celebration can be both juicy and grounded, sexy and safe, spontaneously fun and sustainably transformative.

Think of it like a party that’s also a workshop on how to party consciously. We’ll be unfolding and evolving what it even means to gather for fun and connection. The whole journey will be curated and facilitated by skilled transformational guides.

An experienced support team will be available in case something comes up that you want or need help with. There will also be a tea lounge open and available to talk with others, stretch, cuddle, or simply BE.

Dj Dakini, Bosque, and Audionai will be our DJs providing the sonic landscape. Crystallin Dillon, MA will lead a T-Group 2.0 intro workshop – “a mindfulness practice that you do in relationship.” Blake Zealear (of Zentropy Coaching) will return to lead a connection games workshop for practice giving and receiving safe, platonic touch. Vitali Kononov will join us to lead a Contact Improv/dancefloor consent workshop. And NPP lead producer Nick Meador will host the Cacao Ceremony. More information in the Facilitators + Artists section below. (All details subject to change.) ☆

• 4:00-7:00pm Three Workshops with Guest Facilitators
• 7:00-11:30pm Cacao Ceremony & Conscious Dance Party
• 11:30-Midnight Sound Healing and Closing CIrcle
• Healthy food for sale throughout the event by the Qwitchen Collective!


Saturday, March 30
Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

☆ Doors will open at 3:45pm. Each afternoon workshop will be approximately 50 minutes long, starting on the hour (4pm, 5pm, 6pm). To participate in one you must arrive by the start time. ☆

☆ Doors for party-only tickets will open at 6:45pm. To create a safe container for the party, NEW ADMISSIONS WILL CLOSE AFTER 8:00PM. No exceptions made. ☆

☆ Taking of photos and videos is generally not allowed, unless you get verbal permission/consent from anyone who would be in the shot. ☆

☆ THIS IS A SOBER & SUBSTANCE-FREE EVENT! Please come in an ordinary state of consciousness. Ages 18+ welcome. ☆

☆ Before registering, please read the New Paradigm Party Values and Guidelines here:

☆ Parking is limited around the venue. Please consider carpooling, biking, taking public transit or a taxi. ☆

CONTRIBUTION: WORKSHOPS + PARTY (Doors at 3:45pm. Each workshop starts promptly on the hour.)

• Early Bird tickets $42 (through Feb 17 or til gone)
• Advanced Registration/Tier 2 $48 (Feb 18-March 29 or til gone)
• Day of Event $55 by cash or Venmo (if tickets remain!)

CONTRIBUTION: PARTY ALONE (Includes Cacao Ceremony. Doors at 6:45. New entry closes at 8:00pm.)

• Early Bird $22 (through Feb 17 or til gone)
• Advanced Registration/Tier 2 $28 (Feb 18-March 29 or til gone)
• Day of Event $35 by cash or Venmo (if tickets remain!)

*We’re also releasing a limited number of discounted Alternative Economy tickets for people who both have a lower income and identify as being part of a marginalized group/having lower social privilege. These are available on the ticket page.



☆ Volunteer opportunities exist. For more info write to write to ☆



Entry includes a cup of ceremonial cacao! Pure cacao is a gentle plant medicine that opens the heart, deepens meditative experiences, and fosters inner/outer connection. With his social enterprise Soul Lift Cacao, Nick serves cacao grown organically at a family farm in eastern Guatemala, prepared by a women’s collective at Lake Atitlán that he met personally, and obtained through ethical direct trade WITH FULL PERMISSION AND CONSENT TO SHARE IT IN THIS WAY. When Soul Lift Cacao buys from the women’s collective, 100% of profits from that sale go back to the Mayan indigenous people growing and preparing the cacao. By giving back and showing respect, we honor the sacred role that cacao has played for thousands of years in the indigenous cultures of what we now call Central and South America. We are so fortunate that ceremonial cacao is entering the global consciousness at a time when it can have a massively positive impact. For more info visit

*Cacao consumption is optional at this event. It is not advised for people taking MAOI anti-depressants or people with a heart condition to have a full serving of pure cacao.



Nick got the ball rolling on this project and guides the Cacao Ceremony! He’s the lead producer and handles venue relations, street team efforts, and other back-end logistics. Nick is a registered yoga instructor, transformational life coach, holistic event producer, mindful entrepreneur, and world explorer. Nick has been organizing gatherings that promote connection for 15 years, and leading self-development workshops for 6 years. His mission is to empower and liberate people in a sustainable way. With his brand BS Free Spirituality (, Nick works to demystify introspective practice and make holistic self-management options more accessible to ordinary people. Nick is also the founder of Soul Lift Cacao, specializing in organic ceremonial cacao from sustainable sources in Guatemala that are preserving ancient traditions. Learn more at

Adi (Audionai) came up with the event name and a lot of the language for the project vision. He is a DJ, Musician, and Workshop Facilitator dancing through the heart of California’s rising transformational art culture. Rooted in a lifestyle that integrates music and movement as essential spiritual practices, Adionai make his way through Ecstatic Dances and Festivals, incorporating personal hand-drumming as well live vocals into his sets. With a mission to ground the collective soul, Adionai see’s the dancing container as a ceremonial space through which transformation by authentic feeling and presence guide the way into the embodied lifestyle that unifies all beings into their fullest expression on this dancefloor called Earth. Listen at

International Dj Dakini is renowned globally for her refined ear and impeccable taste in music. An underground festival culture pioneer, she has been a pivotal part of global electronic music festival culture since the turn of the millennium. She is one of Australia’s most renowned underground female djs, with a global following & fan base…and now resides in California, USA.

This connoisseur of cutting edge electronic music delights upon following sound as it evolves & has played numerous genres during her career. Dakini currently specialises in “ancient future bass” and frequents the festival and ecstatic dance circuits of California and beyond. Currently playing all over the world, she is known to move any dancefloor with an infectious deep bassline & tribal sounds at festivals such as: Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning In A Bottle, Burning Man, Rainbow Serpent Festival & more.

Dakini works as a facilitator of transformational spaces whether behind the decks or behind the scenes of some of the world’s best festivals. She is known worldwide for her bass & chill mixes on Soundcloud that have gone viral online, and she has released her first remix on Desert Trax collaborating with Deya Dova and Temple Step Project.

Bosque (Forrest Neumann) brings people together through melodic healing sounds and diverse world rhythms. His transformational live-tronic experience fuses technology with ancient musical tradition. With a collection of sacred soundscapes from his international travels, Bosque takes you on a world-wide journey through time and space with the intention of restoring human connection to self, spirit and the earth. Listen at

Crystallin Dillon will lead a T-Group 2.0 Intro Workshop. Crystallin is a life and leadership coach and also the founder of the Bay Area T-Group Community. She holds both BA and MA degrees in Buddhist Psychology from Naropa University and has been a dedicated student of the Buddhist teachings for 13 years. She completed comprehensive training in group dynamics, systems theory, and facilitation at the Matrix Leadership Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and is certified by NLP Marin as a Master NLP Practitioner. Drawing upon her studies in Dharma, systems theory, and NLP, she has created an updated version of T-Group practice she calls “T-Group 2.0.” Learn more at

Blake will lead a Connection Games workshop so people have a chance to practice giving and receiving platonic touch, including saying “yes” and “no” in a respectful, honoring way. Blake is a coach and mentor for open/poly folks and those interested in personal growth. He works with singles, couples, and constellations to help them design and navigate the kind of relationships that they want most. Drawing on training in Radical Honesty, Embodied Leadership, NLP, Landmark, sex education, and yogic practice, he makes it his mission to help people find and dissolve the blockages that stop them from living a fully aligned and expressed life.

Vitali will lead a Contact Improv/Dancefloor Consent workshop. Vitali is a bodyworker, a movement artist and a somatic movement therapist and educator. His approach to movement and bodywork is deeply influenced by the Body-Mind CenteringÆ and Dynamic Embodiment. He has been teaching contact improvisation since 1997. His background includes massage therapy, contemporary dance, physical theater, contact improvisation, as well as various somatic disciplines and yoga. A graduate from ‘Developmental Movement’, ‘Somatic Movement Education’, and ‘Embodied Anatomy and Yoga’ programs of The School for Body-Mind CenteringÆ. He has been teaching at Moving On Center ñ School for Participatory Arts and Somatic Research since 2002.