Time: March 16, 2019 10:00pm - 4:00am
Organized By: Adjacent Possible
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About Tour

Silkroad Acid [Interpreter + Mourra]
Denada [Yandl & Tj McAu]

Denada (Micro Vision Recordings)

Yandl & TJ McAu create and blend music with a focus on a main driving body source, many modulated free running synth explorations and an unfocused sample blur of anything from classical jazz to doo-wop, leaving an open end for listener interpretation.

The duo currently finds themselves at the helm of now a year and a half new project: Micro Vision Recordings. A record label, a timeline, a network, and a roving party. With a mission to magnify and collaborate fresh ideas/feelings & breed new light into older ideas. They aim to bring forward the truly creative sources that drive us all from the inside.

Silk Road Acid (Adjacent Possible) 

Iman and Mourra. Two idealists, first met at NYU 8 years ago have grown studying realms of subtle musical correlations. Brought to life now with the project “Silk Road Acid” the duo drive it home with strong amplitude. Focused vocal layers and sublime rhythmic texture over hard drum drops.

Adjacent Possible a brand conceptualized by Iman, focuses on connections between art, fashion, food, music, people. The adjacent possible is a project to uncover and promote content that simultaneously brings us together and broadens our horizons.