Different Zone EP • Cozy K

Cozy K emerges from the studio once again with “Different Zone”, a 4 track EP archiving his current twisted observations. Following the path set by his “To Be Honest” EP released earlier this year, this new set of tracks shows the 19-year-old artist getting a little closer to the show stopping revelations that are right at the tip of his tongue.

From the start of the collection, listeners may look around and find themselves in the funhouse of Cozy K’s mind. Here, he places interpersonal concepts of society under a microscope, presenting the audience with a neat case for depersonalization. We follow his shadow form as it weaves in and out of Tbillsi’s nooks and crannies. The narrative grows increasingly abstract, but the rapper’s knack for storytelling gives us clear direction. All the while, the haunted rhythms flowing through the production keep us on our toes. Eventually, we find ourselves by a quiet lake, blinded by the beam of white light coming from Cozy’s third eye.

This cinematic EP from the Georgian artist is just over 10 minutes long, and each minute overflows with surreal imagery. It’s an audiovisual tour across his unique subconscious. Through his eyes, we’re made to notice the underlying threads barely holding a formless universe together.

With the young rapper continuing to refine his craft with every release, there’s sure to be a ton of great content to look forward to. The world his songs have built leaves more questions than answers — let’s see what the following chapters reveal.