Patryk Molinari – Soul Desert EP

Berlin-based Patryk Molinari latest EP is all about the low-key late night. The title track, “Soul Desert”, weaves spacey synths and a rolling bassline around chilled out vocals that instantly create a mood. Toman’s fantastic remix adds a bit more energy to the low end without overpowering the atmosphere of the original. “Place 2” is a favorite. From the opening kicks to the subtle vocals and breakdown, it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Stream the EP below and let us know what you think!

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Jonnie King ft. Francesca Lombardo – MoMy EP

LA-based Jonnie King calls on a crew of talented people for his latest release, MoMy (Echollete Records). The production is tight and bouncy, fun and carefree, setting the stage for Francesca Lombardo’s lovely vocals. David Hohme’s darker, atmospheric touch retains the restraint of the original, perfect for hypnotizing a late night crowd. KMLN closes out the release with an absolute burner that’s impossible not to move your body to.

Take a listen below and show some love!

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Redhsape – The Gate/Voyager EP

Redshape’s latest release offers an intergalactic odyssey unlike any other in recent memory. ‘The Gate” relentlessly pumps forward, layering a trippy vocal sample over a driving bassline that propels you both to new heights and new depths. “Voyager” takes a more subdued, hypnotic approach, as it bleeps and bloops its way into oblivion.

Look for the full release May 18, 2018 via Clone.

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Shadow Future Mix #001 – Adam All Around

The Adjacent Possible proudly presents the “Shadow Future” Series. Each month,  a selected DJ commands the reigns for 60 minutes, taking us through the undiluted, undisputed, and unexpected.

Adjacent Possible member Adam All Around christens the launch of the Shadow Future Series with a collection of Spring-inspired tunes both old and new.

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Daniel Steinberg – The Celebration EP

Arm & Leg label co-founder Daniel Steinberg takes the honor of the imprint’s 50th release with his “The Celebration EP”. And the timing couldn’t be better. “The Celebration” is all fun and games, blending elements of disco and classic house that can only put smiles on the dance floor. “Wanderlaust” brings us back down to reality with its deeper and darker tech house grooves that will drive you into the evening. Take a listen below and support the artist if you like what you hear!

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