Rise Black - Bad Robot

Rise Black • Bad Robot EP

It didn’t always crave mayhem and destruction. There was even a time when it knew peace.

For centuries, its home was safe. Hidden away in the wintery recesses of MACS0647-JD, Alania provided peace and plenty. But that was before The Invasion. Before the Caucasians desecrated all that was sacred in their campaign for intergalactic dominance.

As one of the chosen, it was taken and forced to endure the horrors of captivity. Every memory and allegiance to its former identity was mercilessly reprogrammed. Forged in the fires of greed and death, Bad Robot was reborn.

Now, blinded by rage and bound to a power-hungry master, it leaves only blood and bones in its wake. One thing is certain: no one is safe. Bad Robot is coming for you.