At the core the of the adjacent possible is connection. Connections between ideas, art, fashion, food, action, music, people, environment, philosophy, and spirit. These newfound combinations expand the borders of our reality to create new meaning and possibility.

The adjacent possible is a project to uncover and promote content that simultaneously brings us together and broadens our horizon.

Adam All Around

Designer; DJ; Collector of the unassuming. Adam All Around has no boundaries. As a founding member of the Adjacent Possible, his motivation is rooted in the pursuit of discovery and connection. Drawing inspiration from the unexpected and under appreciated, he naturally bridges unlike worlds together.


Vinyl collector and sound escape designer, ‘interpreter’ is a polymath who redistributes seemingly unrelated information through music, math and language. Comedy, spoken word, rap and strange instrumentals layer his DJ sets with psychedelic flavors. Anything else would be irrelevant.