Rise Black - Bad Robot

Rise Black • Bad Robot EP

It didn’t always crave mayhem and destruction. There was even a time when it knew peace.

For centuries, its home was safe. Hidden away in the wintery recesses of MACS0647-JD, Alania provided peace and plenty. But that was before The Invasion. Before the Caucasians desecrated all that was sacred in their campaign for intergalactic dominance.

As one of the chosen, it was taken and forced to endure the horrors of captivity. Every memory and allegiance to its former identity was mercilessly reprogrammed. Forged in the fires of greed and death, Bad Robot was reborn.

Now, blinded by rage and bound to a power-hungry master, it leaves only blood and bones in its wake. One thing is certain: no one is safe. Bad Robot is coming for you.

Brainiac [The Archive] • Epsilon Naught LP

What is Epsilon Naught? It’s Brainiac’s big move — an electric field he created to permeate a vacuum. All 27 songs are labeled cryptically in maths, with each equation playing its part in articulating an ancient existential problem. These beats — sampled in part from beloved funk and soul oldies — flow naturally and can fit in the background of any setting or situation. Brainiac’s awe-inspiring vocal loops wax poetic on love, space, death, and dreams, scored by bright, bumping arrangements.

Tani Ghaffarsedeh - The Sun EP

Tani Ghaffarsedeh • The Sun EP

Tani Ghaffarsedeh’s new EP “The Sun” visualizes the genesis of our galaxy as it was formed eons ago, bit by fractal bit. The narrative is shown through a wide lens, with the whole Milky Way in view before slowly honing in on our solar system and the almighty sun at its center. Each song that comprises “The Sun” is accompanied by a visualization behind Tani’s dimensional tale. The series of videos, which were designed to be viewed in succession, document nature through space and time as it’s given new, rhythmic life.

Cozy K • Different Zone EP

Cozy K emerges from the studio once again with “Different Zone”, a 4 track EP archiving his current twisted observations. Following the path set by his “To Be Honest” EP released earlier this year, this new set of tracks shows the 19-year-old artist getting a little closer to the show stopping revelations that are right at the tip of his tongue.

Cozy K • To Be Honest EP

19-year-old COZY K packages his latest work in a glorious 5 track EP. With “To Be Honest”, the Tbilisi-based rapper offers listeners clear access to his stream of consciousness — as long as they’re ready for the sensory overload it might inflict.

Solarmental • Falling Angels EP

Solarmental’s music is dark, full of dramatic melodies and mystic voices. Similar to the research of sounds and rhythms, his sets are not only 4×4 techno but also broken beats and raw experiments. Giving priority to cold, atmospheric and mental sounds, Solarmental takes you to the battle of light and darkness.

Zoobin • Mana EP

Adjacent Possible (AP) has tapped the unique talents of Tehran-based producer, DJ, and synth collector, Zoobin, for the label’s debut release. Drawing inspiration from family, classic television shows, his love and addiction to synthesizers, and the city that he calls home, Zoobin has meticulously crafted each song to a level of quality and maturity rarely seen by such a fresh talent.